Free health camps:

Are being organized for the people in local area and town. The camp includes free medical- clinical check up, free advice and free distribution of medicines (samples provided by ayurvedic pharmacies).


For the people in local area and town. Charts are displayed and they are full of pictures and information regarding health, diseases, and preventive ayurvedic regimes (daily and seasonal), diet and exercise advise as per diseases etc.

Lectures and education:

For learning about ayurveda and for better understanding of ancient ayurvedic texts, Ayurvedic students from India as well as abroad can participate. For them (max capacity of 3 students) accommodation and food facility is available at negligible charges.

Training in panch-karma:

This is a special feature including practical training and only those who are keenly interested in ayurvedic traditional treatments will be selected for training after an interview.

Achievements & Results:

Dr.Arankalles Experience in brief-
  • Practical experience of traditional kerala ayurveda at CNS Chikitsalayam , kerala and Kerala Ayurveda Samajam Hospital & Nursing Home, Shornoor, Kerala.
  • Working experience as a medical officer at New millennium health center, Ghaziabad, UP, India (a CNS Chikitsalayam, kerala tie up)
  • Participation in Ayurvedic programme organized in Germany.{Ayurveda care (Dr. Jeevan & Heike Seegibarth) , Nurnburg, Germany- CNS Chikitsalayam (Dr. T. Srinivasan ), kerala - joint seminar)
  • Active participation in many more seminars and lectures, case presentations
  • Associations: Member of National Integrated Medical Association. (NIMA)
  • Marketing experience: Sound knowledge and experience of doing marketing of Ayurvedic medicines. (Job at Manakarnika Aushadhalaya, Chinchwad, Pune under the guidance of Mr. Girish Gandhi)
  • Working experience as a medical officer at “Arogya sadhana” - Ayurvedic center of CNS Chikitsalayam in Pune.

We are good in treating the following diseases.

In many of the following conditions we have offered good relief, palliation, and in some conditions complete cure

1. Parkinsons disease

2. Ankylosing spondylitis

3. Chronic myeloid leukemia

4. Rheumatoid arthritis

5. Psoriasis

6. Obesity

7. Aortic stenosis

8.Coronary artery disease

9.Hypertriglyseridaemia hyperlipidaemia

10. Kidney stone, CRF

11. Cervical & lumbar spondylitis

12. Infertility (male and female)

13. P.C.O.D.

14. Menstrual disorders

15. Mental stress & Psychiatry

16. High blood pressure

17. Osteo arthritis both knees

18. Diabetis

19. Ulcerative colitis

20. Piles & fissure

21. Hair complaints

22. Acne- pimples and beauty

23. Wrist drop, foot drop

24. Chronic non healing wounds

25. Hyper acidity, piles, fissure

26. Hemiplegia and facial paralysis

27. Recurrent cold & cough, asthma

28. Frozen shoulder

29.Sexual complaints

30. Eczema

31. Chronic constipation and gas

32. Benign prostate hypertrophy

33. Rectal and uterine prolapse.

34. Non healing bone fractures

And many more.