One can choose among these specially designed packages or one can get a package prescription after detailed consultation with our doctor.

Spine Care:
14 days package including podikizhi, navarakizhi, matra vasthi, virechanam, kati/tarpanam etc. (The treatments control osteoporosis/ degenerative changes of the vertebrae and inter vertibral discs and also includes treatments for reducing inflammation of the soft tissues and for relaxation of muscles of back.)

Joints Care:
21 days package including podikizhi, special dhanya kizhi, anuvasan basti, niruha basti, shiro pichu etc. (These special treatments relieve pain by reducing inflammation of the soft tissues around and inside the joint capsule. These also help to prevent the recurring attacks of arthritis. )

Skin & Beauty Care:
14 days package that includes navara kizhi, kaya seka/ parisheka, takra dhara, virechana, basti, etc. (The treatments mainly control itching, scaling/ spreading of the unhealthy skin condition. They also improve the texture of the skin.)

Stress Management:
7 or 14 days package that includes head and body massage, shirodhara, netra-tarpanam, dhyana- pranayama. (Treatments mainly pacify mind, relax body, makes mind happy and peaceful by cleansing away the emotions of stress, pain, anger, tension and also remove fatigue.)

Weight Reduction:
21 days package that includes udwartanam, podikizhi, lekhana-niruha basti, matra basti, virechanam etc. ( The treatments are helpful in reducing the swelling on the body by draining it away by fomentation, they also significantly start weight reduction and additional to this treatments along with internal medications improve the digestive power so that fat formation can be further arrested.)

7 to 14 days package including massage, navarakizhi, shiro dhara, sneha basti, mrudu virechana etc. (Treatment gives very good shodhana effect on various bodily systems, improves their function, relaxes the body and mind improves health amails well as immunity.)