Facilities & Services:


This includes clinical examination ( naadi pariksha- pulse diagnosis, panch bhautik diagnosis of a disease, prakriti (body constitution) diagnosis, and diet- medicine - exercise advice as per the disease.

Treatments available:
  1. Abhyanga- Massage the whole body with medicated oil.
  2. Churna pottala sweda- Hot fomentation by poultices made up of medicated powders.
  3. Patra pottala sweda- Hot fomentation by poultices made up of leaves of medicinal plants.
  4. Shastika pinda sweda- Hot fomentation by poultices made up of special kind of rice cooked in a decoction.
  5. Shiro dhara- takra dhara- Pouring constant stream of medicated oil or buttermilk prepared from medicated milk over the forehead of a patient.
  6. Pizhichil- To bath the patients body with warm medicated oil and massage simultaneously.
  7. Kati tarpanam-Keep medicated oil over the lumbo sacral spine.
  8. Netra tarpan- Prepare an enclosure of dough over the eyes and pour & keep medicated ghee in it for given time.
  9. Janu tarpan- Prepare an enclosure around affected knee joint and pour medicated oil in it.
  10. Nadi sweda- Hot fomentation by steam of medicated decoctions using pipe.
  11. Udwartanam- Massage by rubbing medicated oil and powders.
  12. Merubasti- Keep medicated oil over the whole spine area.
  13. Shiro basti- Pour medicated oil over head after enclosing it with a specially made cap.
  14. Griva basti- Keep medicated oil over the cervical spine.
  15. Sarvanga dhara- Bath with medicated decoctions.
  16. Gandush/ kawala- Gargle with medicated decoctions.
  17. Vaman- Cleansing the body by inducing vomiting by medicines.
  18. Virechan- Cleansing the body by inducing loose motions by giving medicines.
  19. Basti- Cleansing the body by giving enema.
  20. Nasya- Cleansing the body by instilling the medicines through nose.
  21. Upanaha sweda- Apply poultice of hot property medicines to the body.
  22. Lepa- To apply medicated dressings and salms over the body.
  23. Navara lepa- Apply and massage simultaneously using rice and cerials cooked in decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  24. The patients will be made to perform specific exercises. They will be continuously encouraged. We will try to increase the will power of a patient.

Special room as well as general ward is available for the stay of patients. Bed, semi fowler bed, mattress, bed sheets, pillow chair, table, cupboard etc will be provided by us for the patients. Per day per person charges for general ward is Rs 150/- and for special room is Rs.300/- . relatives or personal attendants staying with the patient will be charged separately.these charges are exclusive of treatment and food charges.

Nursing Care:

A team of well trained and well experienced nurses are available for nursing care of a patient.


Food of the patient will be simple and pious. Salt, sugar, red chilli, hot spices, onion, garlic should be avoided as far as possible by the patient in his daily diet. He may however use jaggery, honey, shimla mirch, coriander, coriander seeds, jeera, turmeric coconut in his food. As advised by the treating doctor he can include roti made from jowar, bajra, nachani, wheat chappaties, whole unpolished rice , dal made from moong, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, salads, buttermilk, soup, sprouted pulses, fruits in his diet.


In patients suffering from paralysis (after emergency care) and debilitating joint disorders extra attention is given to their rehabilitation exercises.