About Snehaprabha Ayurvedic Center

Snehaprabha Ayurvedic Treatment & Research Center is providing healthcare since 2005. We undertake special evidence based ayurvedic treatments, and traditional kerala panch-karma treatments.


Snehaprabha Ayurvedic Treatment & Research Center includes words sneha and prabha. Sneha is oil, ghee or other unctuous substance used for body massage. Prabha means the glow or shining of absolute health.

The Logo

The logo of our center includes red flower of hibiscus as a symbol of normal uterus whereas the yellow ring around it indicates regularity of a healthy menstruation cycle. Healthy gametes (sexual components) of the flower are denoted by a male & female figure. They are shown to be in union with each other. When such union takes place on the day of ovulation denoted by a shining star on the yellow ring; fertilization resulting in formation of a fruit (an embryo in case of humans) takes place. Also health, happiness and harmony of body, mind and soul are most important for this process.

We at Snehaprabha Ayurvedic Treatment & Research Center conduct a special treatment programme for infertility and we have achieved good results in many cases.

We also conduct traditional ayurvedic treatments for all diseases with satisfactory results.


Experienced doctor Medical administration of our treatment center is managed by Dr. Sandeep Arankalle. He has acquired his B.A.M.S. degree her unctuous substanfrom Pune University. He has done in depth study of traditional keralite ayurveda by working at the renowned traditional ayurvedic hospital C.N.S. Chikitsalayam, Mezhathur, Kerala. He has got through experience in panch karma therapy. He has been in service of ayurveda since 1998. He has taken guidance from Dr. T.Srinivasan Nair. Dr. T.Srinivasan Nair is one of the proponents of C.N.S. Ayurveda tradition and is an expert in ayurvedic pediatrics and the Marma therapy.

The Staff

Male and female patients are given panch karma therapies by male and female nurses respectively. The team of these nurses is well trained and well experienced. All of them are trained by the doctor from our center.


To provide authentic ayurvedic panch karma therapies to the patients at reasonable and affordable price. And to provide sincere expertise to the patients so as to give them good relief from their pain.


To explore, study, understand and practice ancient ayurvedic texts like charaka, sushruta, vagbhata and to research them for improving knowledge about a disease process.